Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Merry @#$%$@% Christmas

Every year I send out a Christmas Puzzle to friends and family. It transforms from trivia questions, to word games, or anything else that I can come up with that I think might be challenging. This year it was anagrams of Christmas songs and movies.

Every year I get really, really excited thinking that I’ve come up with another tough one. Every year Mike Freitas dashes my hopes by solving it like he was passing gas after a good meal.

Damn you Mike Freitas, and your girlfriend, too!

It is with great disgust and utter defeat that I must announce that Mike & Lucy have won this year. There were no wiseass comments. Neither Mike nor Lucy gave me one good reason to disqualify them.

I’ve been putting off the announcement in the hopes that they would push too hard and make me mad enough to throw out their answers. They have done nothing of the sort. I want to cry.

Next year, maybe I’ll send a Hanukkah Puzzle - in Yiddish. Solve that, Bubbela . . .