Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Conference Calls Suck!

I’m feeling very antagonistic today. I’ve been stuck on conference calls for what feels like the majority of the last two days. They’re really quite fun, especially if your phone has a mute button.

Things I Can Do While on Seemingly Never-Ending Conference Calls

1. Send offensive valentines to everyone I know
2. Send responses to all replies to said valentine’s
3. Mock other call participants (this is where the mute button comes in handy)
4. Update my contact lists
5. Price vinyl replacement windows for mother-in-law
6. Go to the bathroom
7. Read other people’s blogs
8. Create more valentines too entirely offensive to send to anyone
9. Send them anyway
10. Write a blog entry or three
11. Send out article about how 60% of people on conference calls don’t pay attention
12. Call one of the other participants on their cell phone to ask them a silly question.
13. See if you can hear their response on the conference line.
14. Go to the bathroom again. (I had a really big soda at lunch)

So here I sit. Typing. Trying desperately to pay attention.

Nope, not happening.