Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Amusing Toys

I’ve noticed that my posts are less and less funny stories. Let’s change that.

Sam received just a couple of toys this past Christmas. Some he liked, some he didn’t. He actually cried at the semi-remote control loader that Grampa Jim gave him. I think it was a little too loud. But Daddy sure loved it. Amazingly, all the loud toys somehow end up being brought over to Gramma’s house for extended visits, or at least until the batteries run out. Weird, eh?

One of the other toys that Sam was not crazy about at first was a large green plastic “megaphone” that distorts your voice when you talk into it. I don’t think Sammy fully understood its function. He does now.

While he doesn’t play with it constantly, every once in a while, he pulls it out from under his train table, and starts talking into it. Usually, Leah and I are in another room. We hear Sam’s voice followed by what can only be described as the voice of Darth Vader on helium talking on a cell phone.

This past weekend I was sitting on the toilet, enjoying my “alone” time. There’s a knock on the door. I knew it was Sammy. Usually, he knocks and then just comes in and waits, talking to me the entire time. Do you know how difficult it is to carry on a conversation with a 3 year old when you’re trying to poop?

This time, he doesn’t come in. The door opens just a crack. No hands, no face, no boy, just a green plastic thingy. Then I hear Darth say, “Daddy, are you done yet,” followed by his footsteps as he ran away laughing.

It’s the first time I’ve ever cried on the toilet.