Monday, June 13, 2005

Drywall - What is it?

So most of you have probably notice that I’ve neglected my blog this past week. I have a good excuse: I’ve been building our home office.

However, even this little project has produced some amusing stories.

During one of the sweltering hot days last week, I was carting sheets of drywall from the driveway up to the third floor. Try it sometime. It’s a great crash diet. Every trip, I would stop at the foot of the attic stairs and take a drink of water in a losing effort to keep myself hydrated.

At some point, it became lunch time, and Sammy, Noah, Aidan, and Mommy all congregated around the table to eat. I dragged a piece of board into the kitchen.

“Is that your drywall, Daddy?” asked Sam. I make it a point to tell him what the names of all the tools and materials I use, and how to use them.

“Yes, it is.”
“Can I touch it?”
“Sure, pal. You can touch it”
“Oooooh. That’s dry. Dry. Dry. Dry.”

Luckily, it was already resting on the floor, because I would have dropped it.