Monday, June 27, 2005

Summer Pops 2005

I’ve said it before. I am a Choirboy. Here is one of the reasons I am so completely proud of this fact: Summer Pops. For the last 25 years, over 20,000 people come to my hometown, and, for one night they listen to great music in Wilcox Park, watch fireworks, and basically have a wonderful night.

Last night, we took Sam to see this spectacle for the first time. And, true to form, the music, fireworks, and the entire night were superb. For anyone who hasn’t seen Sammy dance, you’re missing out. Last night, he danced, sang, clapped, cheered, and played. It was a sight to see.

We ate treats all night: Clam casino pizza, antipasto, bakery fresh cookies, popcorn, frozen Dells lemonade, chocolate bars, and goldfish. Sam was in heaven, especially when Leah tried to clean the chocolate off his hands. She came away with brown streaks on her face.

Kay, Paul, Callum, and Lana joined us on our blanket. Our friend Jesse also came down from Boston. Yeah!!!!! We saw relatives – my Uncle Jim, my cousin Madison and her Mom, old friends – Sarah, Mike, Lucy, Ryan, and Caswell (who’s now a city councilman – who’d have thought?!), and random people who live near Buffalo - I was wearing a Bisons shirt, and apparently attracted attention of someone from Youngstown.

The pre-show before the real concert started with a Dixieland jazz band, followed by a Celtic rock band, and Morris Men dancing. Sam couldn’t sit in his seat during the Dixieland band. He kept jumping up and dancing – quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Before the concert, we visited my Dad, who still sings in the Chorus, and I introduced Sam to the featured soloist, Paula Rockwell. I also walked him over to the canons (yes, they shoot off canons) and we talked about how canons go “BOOM” really, really loudly.

Sam's first fireworks Posted by Hello

The finale of the night is the 1812 Overture with choral accompaniment and fireworks. These were Sam’s first fireworks, and his face when they first went off was priceless. He immediately asked to see more fireworks. And also asked the next morning. They were something of a hit.

Here’s a big, huge, thanks to The Chorus of Westerly for the best night of our vacation - so far.