Monday, July 04, 2005

Vacation - Wrap Up

So suffice to say that our vacation was wonderful. Friday (Day 15) was spent in much the same vein as the previous week, with the exception that Leah and I got to go out by ourselves thanks to the bravery of my father, who fed and played with all three single-handedly, giving us 5 glorious hours of vacation from our children.

We went down to Watch Hill, got an ice cream, looked at ridiculously expensive beach front real estate, poked in frivolously expensive shops, and at dinner in the restaurant where we had our wedding reception. We also decided that we would leave a couple days early. Two weeks of vacation was enough. The twins were restless from being carted around like prize cattle and Sam was heart-achingly homesick.

Saturday (Day 16) we got up early and took the kids to Napatree Point beach, on the back side. Sam actually played in the water. Noah actually played in the water! Leah and I realized that Misquamicut beaches pale in comparison to the small expanse of water that comprises the Pawcatuck River Estuary. The sand is the same. The water is shallow and warm. And there are scant few people.

Later that day, my Dad had a cookout for all the people that didn’t have the opportunity to see us before then. The twins were so tired and overwhelmed that when everyone was there, we had to take them away to play by themselves to keep them from screaming. Sam’s time was occupied trying desperately to gain the attentions of an older woman. She was 12. He failed miserably, losing out in the end to the cuteness of his younger brothers.

We departed at nine o’clock on Saturday night.

The End.