Monday, August 29, 2005

Lot's O Stuff

Lots o’ stuff happening right now. Here’s the rundown:

1. New roof is 99.99% complete. Contractor was excellent.
2. Front porch is being ripped off and replaced starting Tuesday. Woohoo!
3. Andy & Josie moved into their new house today. Good Luck!
4. Mikey & Lisa will be moving in this weekend! Double Woohoo!!
5. I’m finally a little busy at work.
6. Sam is fully moved into his new bedroom.
7. We are moving the twins into their new bedroom sometime this week.
8. Leah and I are squatters in our own apartment, currently sleeping on the floor, and dressing in the dining room.
9. For the first time since I was 18, I have no credit card debt! Triple Woohoo with obscene interest on top!!!!
10. I’m trying to find time to start the drywall for the master bedroom, so if anyone has hours of the day that they’d like to spare, I’ll take ‘em.
11. We’re taking off for Niagara-on-the-Lake for a night this weekend. Yummy wine tasting will ensue.
12. We’re making a pilgrimage to Ikea on Saturday. New stuff rocks.
13. I’m taking Sammy to the Bisons game tonight. Anyone interested please join us.
14. End of the Summer / Welcome Mikey & Lisa Party on Friday, September 9th. Mojitos will be served. Be there.