Friday, August 26, 2005

My Finest Verse

One Year Ago almost to the day, I was struck by divine inspiration. When Sam was born, one of the presents we received was this weird moon-base shaped, exterior use, infant storage unit. And for the thousands, yes, thousands of baby pictures we have, not one of them shows this thing. Anyway, we used it - alot - for Sam and the twins. So much that I wrote my masterpiece:

Baby Cabana
(to the tune of Copa Cabana)

His name is Noah
He is a baby
With purple binky in his lips
And a diaper at his hips
He would get restless
And start to cry out
And though his diaper still was dry
Mommy knew the reason why
Across the toy-strewn floor
He knew what was in store
She put him in his favorite place
Who could ask for more

In the Baby, Baby Cabana
The best spot when you’re in pajamas
In the Baby, Baby Cabana
It’s really fun here, but I am just one here . . .

His name is Aidan
He wears a onesy
He was in his baby chair
He saw Noah lying there
It looked so comfy
He called to Mommy
But Mommy was not to be found
So that boy increased the sound
Down the long hall she flew
As Aidan’s volume grew
Scooped him up, hugged him tight
Then put him down into

In the Baby, Baby Cabana
It’s better than mushy bananas
In the Baby, Baby Cabana
Don’t tell our brother, it won’t fit another