Monday, September 19, 2005

Head Shot?


So you gave your autographed picture to my wife, eh? Bad move.

Top 10 Captions for this Photo:

10. It’s Head Shot, not Bed Head Shot
9. Yes, I too suffer from Herpes Simplex 10
8. Richard Karn steps down as host of Family Feud
7. Bedwetting: A Study
6. Tonight on True Hollywood Story . . .
5. I can write my name on my shirt with my finger
4. If you think this one’s good, you should see the other three. A quarter still gets you something these days.
3. Will work for food
2. Luckily, my wife is much better looking than I am
1. Law student by day. Exotic dancer by night. Available weekends & nights. Special low rates for groups! Call now!