Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Twas the 5th of October
And in our abode
An unusual morning
Was about to unfold

The babies were dining
On their breakfast with glee
Mouths so full of waffles
They could not even see

Sammy was nestled
All snug on the couch
He’d been throwing up
His tummy said ouch

I’d just finished reading
The morning’s email
Getting ready for conference calls
Boredom prevails

When what to my ringing
ears should sound
Than my wife screaming, “SCOTT!!”
And running around

Down to the kitchen
I flew down the stair
Turned round the corner
And stopped dead then and there

A large pot on our stove
Was on fire, burning bright
And Leah was yelling
She’d had quite a fright

We picked up the twins
Carried them out of the smoke
I returned with my mouth covered
So I wouldn’t choke

Found a large enough lid
And dropped it on top
In hopes that our breakfast blaze
Would be put to a stop

Success! It worked quickly
The fire was out
But there was smoke everywhere
A danger, no doubt

I threw open the windows
And turned on the fans
Put the kids on the porch
Then to the attic I ran

My office was smoky
Too much so to work
I picked up my cell phone
Gave my laptop a jerk

So now everyone’s fine
I’m working in bed
But I’m not working for long
There’s a pain in my head

So thanks to Leah’s cooking
I get a half day
Although when she reads this
I’ll be running away