Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Numbers 2 & 3

I have three children. No, really, I do. It’s just that two of the three can’t really talk yet, and are just now coming into their personalities. We’ve been trying for months to figure out just who these two little boys are. The general consensus at birth was that they were Satan’s spawns. Luckily, this has not proved completely true.

At their present stage of development, I’d have to say that Aidan is a Little Momma’s Boy, and Noah is an Independent Spirit. They do switch off from time to time, but lately, they’ve been holding this pattern with some regularity.

This doesn’t stop them, however, from living up to their birth prediction.

Yesterday morning, with Sam at school, Leah was doing some house work. The twins wanted to help. They unloaded the clean laundry basket onto the window sill – one item at a time. Then they dragged each other to the ground, fighting, biting, and screaming over who got to sit on the excavator (which is completely broken but apparently doesn’t matter). Then, Aidan decided to see what would fit into the holes in our heating grates. Dry erase markers are perfect. They even made a good noise on the way down. When the heat kicked on last night, I was expecting to be as high as a kite.