Thursday, December 29, 2005

Aunt Clara's Bunny Suit

As long as our children aren’t bleeding, causing damage to our home, or to themselves, Leah and I could pretty much care less what heart-stopping activity they manage to discover. My, how things have changed. As first time parents, we couldn’t even sleep if Sam made a weird noise at night.

John and Esther are some of the most laid back first time parents I’ve ever seen. Julia is such a happy baby because her parents are happy people. That being said, there are still some things that are universally accepted as “upsetting” to any parent.

It is generally agreed in civilized social circles that waking a sleeping child is tantamount to pulling out one’s finger nails.

Which is why I decided to take their picture right after Julia was jerked out of a sound sleep on Christmas night. The reasons shall remain within our little family, but suffice to say, it will forever hold amusement for us . . . well . . . for me.

See how happy they all look – and with the coolest present ever.

Esther is even giving me a single finger salute. I love you guys.