Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Half-a-Tree, Philosophically . . .

We have conceded defeat this year. The tree will carry on through the Christmas holiday half-decorated. We’ve named him Eric.

Aidan and Noah have won the battle. Actually, they’ve won a few battles lately.

They have effectively argued for the eradication of all baby booster seats in favor of “big-boy” chairs at mealtimes. This point has been conceded on a trial basis. So far, no one has hurled themselves onto the tile floor - on purpose or otherwise.

They have successfully negotiated much needed repairs for their sleeping quarters. One of our cribs possessed a side that raised and lowered – except that it didn’t stay raised. The twins managed a number of games of musical cribs until Daddy grabbed his screw gun and fastened that sucker permanently. In addition, Noah also managed to bounce his crib into pieces. That was an interesting surprise during nap time last week. Again, Daddy’s screw gun and Allen wrench to the rescue.

They have also outflanked us from time to time, fighting for the mistaken notion that they have a solemn duty to climb to the top of the green couch and practice their free-falling techniques. Usually this occurs when Mommy and Daddy are involved in other things, such as cleaning the house in anticipation of a holiday party. This battle also gives Mommy and Daddy what medical professionals would affectionately call “The Willies”.

However, all is not lost. Mealtimes are starting to end on a push of the plate rather than the headache-inducing “dump my food on the floor” motion which they have perfected over the last few months. Much reading and learning of vocabulary is taking place on a daily basis. Anyone who would like to visit for a few minutes is encouraged to pick up a picture book and let a twin plop himself in your lap for a few minutes of quiet contemplation.

Planned maneuvers in the near future include toilet training, moving to “big-boy” beds, and the transition to unregulated drink containers. Stay Tuned . . .