Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Winner

Well, good friends and family, another year of puzzlement has now come and gone. I had great fun creating the Puzzle this year. Maybe next year I will totally geek out and create my very own Christmas Puzzle website!

So, the winners. . .

Well, first, I need to tell you all that I awarded Daily Double points to anyone who submitted a question. They were all great questions. The ones I didn’t get correct were outstanding. After the first round, the standings were thus:

Mike Freitas & Lucy Whitford - $30,000 (perfect score)
Jennie Kent de Montoya - $28,800
Sarah Whitford - $28,500
Mike Garvey - $26,700
Kelly Viney - $18,600
Craig MacLaughlin - $18,600
Amber Birmingham Johnston - $17,800
Katie Battaglia - $15,800

Everyone except Mike G. and Sarah bet everything they had on Final Jeopardy.

Four people submitted questions for Final Jeopardy. Actually, three submitted questions and one submitted an answer – whoops.

Mike Garvey – answer not in the form of a question – Doh!
Mike and Lucy – completely and utterly incorrect
Katie Battaglia – correct translation, incorrect order – I gave it to you.
Jennie Kent de Montoya – completely correct, including my mistake

Final Scores

Jennie Kent de Montoya - $57,600
Katie Battaglia - $31,600
Sarah Whitford - $8,800 (smartie – good strategy!)
Mike Garvey - $69 (well done, sir)
Mike and Lucy - $0

Jennie Kent, whom I did not expect to play, has continued her victorious reign that began almost 20 years ago with a card game in Italy. Read Jennie’s book to your children. It is wonderful. Her second is due out soon.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas!