Monday, February 13, 2006


Here’s a little insight into the mind of our almost-four year old son:

Sammy went to see his first movie this past weekend. Aunt Gina took him to see Curious George. Leah prepped him on theater etiquette, and fed the frenzy of excitement that enveloped our Saturday morning by giving him hourly updates on when Aunt Gina was coming. Sammy stood at the window and stared out into the street, trying very, very hard not to explode with anticipation. We put four dollars in his pocket for a treat. After he had left, our hearts broke when I found the money on the living room floor, having dropped out of the jumping boy’s pocket. He got his M&Ms anyway, thank goodness.

Sammy arrived home skipping into the house, his leftover M&Ms clutched tightly in one hand. He was sooooo happy. He came bounding over to me and gave me a kiss and hug.

“Did you have a good time at the movie,” I asked.
“Sure thing, Daddy, sure thing,” was the response as he bopped around the living room.
Trying not to laugh, “What was your favorite part?”
Sam put his head right up against mine.
“When George got in trouble.”