Monday, February 27, 2006

Misery Loves Company

The winter months here in the Queen City can be a challenge to the unskinny. I consider myself the King of unskinny. Not fat, really, but not anywhere near in the shape that I should be if I want to run about and play with my children this summer without dripping my pungent perspiration all over their toys. Nice mental image, eh?

When Leah was pregnant with Sam, I watched myself gain 20 pounds of what is so nicely termed “sympathy weight”. Somehow, three years ago I found the motivation to stick to the Atkins diet for four months and dropped not 20, but 30 pounds.

After we moved to Buffalo and Leah found herself pregnant with the twins, I rallied to her side and put on the pounds again like the good husband I am. God Bless Dairy Queen. Except this time, I never really managed to stick with any of the diets enough for them to make a difference.

Atkins? Too expensive. Not enough food choices. Get tired of eggs for breakfast every morning.

South Beach? Not strict enough after the first two weeks. Too easy to take advantage. Sweet cravings never go away.

So after much consideration, and a very convincing argument from our homosexual hairdresser Ron, I have embarked into new territory. Leah and I are dieting and exercising together. Today we started the Power 90 Fat Burning System.

I don’t know what the dieting rules are yet. I’m just eating what Leah tells me to, which provides her ample opportunity to poison me (just kidding, dear). But, here’s the weirder part: We worked out together this afternoon for the first time - ever - in the 11 years we have been together.