Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well, What Did You Expect?

There was a veiled reference in yesterday’s post to some damage that was inflicted on our home sweet home by T1, T2, & T3. Here’s the full story:

We have been acquiescent of late, letting the boys choose a movie to watch after dinner until they get bored or until bed time rolls around. So much so that the twins walk down the hallway after tormenting us over dinner yelling, “Mnooo-mnooo,” repeatedly until they seat themselves on the living room couches. Mnooo-mnooo is their word for “Get Your Ass Out Here and Turn On the Machines”.

I feel sort of bad about this, but hey, it’s better than trips to the ER. Hopefully with the nice weather finally coming our way, most of their free time will be spent outside. We've been burning candles and saying nightly prayers about this.

Sam is the self-trained expert in movies now. He can conquer the child-proof locks on the movie drawers, plug the tape into the VCR, and get the ball rolling. It’s a different story if they want a DVD, as the player is on top of the entertainment center and is unreachable to him for the present.

Ok, did I just say that Sam can work the child-proof locks? Yes, palpitating heart, I did.

Sometimes, the doors to the entertainment center are actually closed. But that, too, is child’s play. I need to make some clarification points here for those unfamiliar with our home:

1. We have a large living room.
2. Being the Uber-parents we are, we have placed the TV in a position that is not central to the living room. Obviously, we are on drugs.
3. With couches and other furniture crammed to one side of the room, things tend to get tight.
4. When working together as a team, small boys can move almost anything.

The other afternoon Leah caved in early, due to continued crappy weather with a pissy front coming down from the North. Bam-Bam, Mighty Mouse, and Godzooki bolted for the living room.


The left door to the entertainment cabinet was literally ripped in two. Ask them who did it?

Noah: Aida
Sam: Aidan
Aidan: No-No

Now, there is no way that one of them alone could have caused this kind of destruction. Well, let’s say, caused this kind of destruction without weaponry. Leah didn’t see what happened, so we’ll never know for sure unless we sweat it out of them.

Leah was so angry she couldn’t yell. All three of them lined up against the pocket door and stood silently like POWs. Leah loves the entertainment center like a fourth child. She came upstairs to tell me what happened.

L: Do you know what your children just did?
Me: Oh, God.
L: They just ripped one of the doors off the TV cabinet.
Me: What!?!?
L: Oh, yes. I’m so mad at them. Right now they’re all standing against the wall. Why couldn’t they break something I hate, like one of the couches?
Me: Because you don’t let them jump on the couches.