Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Our Wedding Was Better Than Yours

Leah had a cool post about our wedding. I thought I would elaborate.

Date : June 12, 1999
Place: Christ Church, Westerly, Rhode Island

Choral Prelude:
Haec Dies - William Byrd
Beati Quorum Via - Charles Villiers Stanford
Mass Setting:
Giovanni di Palestrina, Miss Brevis
Preces & Responses:
Kenneth Leighton (I think - it's been a while)
Other Stuff I Can't Rember - does anyone still have a copy of our wedding program?

Vows: New Zealand Prayer Book

Here's the freaked out ring bearer with his sister, the junior bridesmaid:

Here's the bridesmaid who passed out at the altar. She's married and just had her first baby last month!

There were The Most Beautiful Flower Arrangements Ever Created. And hugging.

There were Spectacular Kodak Moments:

There was Lots of Kissing:

Tomorrow: The Party