Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hmmmm. . . .

Did you ever notice that most of the the "Daddy" blogs out there use nicknames for their wives and children, whereas the "Mommy" blogs offer no such protection/entertainment? Ok, this is a generalization, but I'm finding it truer as I read more blogs.

Defective Yeti:
wife: Queen
child: Squirrelly

wife: BossLady

Dad Gone Mad:
wife: Hot Wife
children: no names - just son & daughter

Amalah: (yes, Esther, I read it too)
husband: Jason
child: Noah

husband: Peter
child: Will

Why is that, I wonder? Is it a subconscious male instinct to protect his family? Should I jump on the bandwagon and give my wife & children nicknames? What should my family's nicknames be?

Chief Family Officer? CFO . . . get it? eh? eh?
Mother of the Year?
LLD? (and I'll never tell why)

Baby Stewie (although he hasn't tried to kill Leah yet)?
The Brain?
Child #1?
#1 Son?
Cat in the Hat?

Aidan & Noah:
Thing 1 & Thing 2?
The Chimpanzees?
The Velociraptors?
Toddler A & Toddler B?

Suggestions will be welcomed.

P.S. The chimpanzees had a poop fight during naptime this afternoon. How glad am I that I work?