Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Like Taking . . . How's That Saying Go?

Last night, somehow the stars aligned properly, and we were finally able to spend some time in the back yard with family & friends. Mikey, Lisa, Maeve, Grandma, and Mr. Viney were all in attendance at different points of the evening. So nice to finally relax for a bit this summer.

Sammy got an extra treat when Grandma decided that he needed an ice cream, and they left on one of their patented adventures. Upon Sam’s overly joyful, sugar-fueled return, we all experienced first-hand one of his “aren’t you the nicest little boy in the world” moments.

Sammy took out three tubes of mini M&Ms.

“Look what I got for my brothers,” he exclaimed gleefully, “and Lisa, this one is for Maeve when she turns one.”

Both Lisa & Mike were temporarily speechless. Recovering quickly, Lisa took the candy and thanked Sammy. Everyone else just stood there and smiled. Sam went off to play with a tractor, and the event was soon forgotten.

Except . . .

There was a gleam in Mike’s eye. . .

And Lisa shared it. . .

And now sweet baby Maeve has no candy.

Wait till her first Halloween, guys. It’s like a free pass to a candy store!