Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ogontz Memories - Part II

David Kent - crazy person. Back then - scary. Now - scary, but in a different way. David became a Navy SEAL. Here's some of the reasons why he succeeded.

  1. Josh Hall and I were witness to some of David Kent’s insanity in a kayak. One year, when there was a large amount of mountain run-off still flowing down the river, David took a kayak up to the base of the waterfall. Actually, Josh and I lugged the thing up there, but we also got to see what he did with it, which made all the work worthwhile. We walked back down to the lower waterfall, just past the overpass and waited. After a minute of two, we heard someone yell, “Holy Shit!” Over the edge of the waterfall came the front tip of the kayak. It actually looked like it was going to leave the water and continue traveling horizontally, when at the last possible second, it dropped straight down. David disappeared in foam. Seconds later he popped up and screamed his way down to the lake.
  2. The second time David took us on a kayak adventure, it didn’t end as well. Josh & I had taken a canoe out to do some fishing. David was at the dock on the far side of the lake. He called us over and told us that he thought there was a hole in the kayak, and demanded that we follow him as he paddled back to the other side. It took about fifteen seconds to realize that it wasn’t just a hole. The kayak had cracked along a seam. David climbed out of the kayak and tried to pull it, but it was too late. The water rushed in and it started to sink. Josh and I stopped, threw David a line, and with one arm in the kayak seat hole and one arm holding the rope, David held on for dear life as we slowly made our way across the lake.
  3. Ben and I took the final test for White Tag (that's a swimming proficiency level) with David Kent as our timer for the 30 minute swim. We expected to be in the water for most of the day, as anyone who knew David back then can attest that he took endless amounts of joy from inflicting pain & suffering on others. Ben had a watch on, and at 30 minutes he asked David if we could get out. His question was answered with laughter. He looked down at his wrist and said, "Whoops, I forgot to start my watch. Just keep swimming." Mr. Friend just happened to be on the dock when Ben asked. He looked over David’s shoulder and told Ben and I to get out. Of course, we paid for it later, but the look on David’s face was unforgettable.
  4. When I was little, there was a musician, a trumpeter, whose name was Ted something. It’s been so long I can’t remember his name. He was tolerated by everyone, but not generally well liked. He was too cocky to be enjoyable around for more than a couple minutes. He came down to the waterfront to say goodbye to some people one day, as he was traveling down to Boston for a concert. He had already put on his tuxedo because he was cutting the time close. Big Mistake. David & Peter grabbed him and fought him across the dock, finally tossing him into the lake. He never came back.