Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Top 25 TV Characters

Here's a meme that's currently floating through the internet - o - blog - o - cyber - o - sphere. Even Joss Whedon has jumped on this one. What are your Top 25 favorite TV characters? I decided not to include cartoons, as they would have eaten up at least half my list. It was harder than I thought.

Top 25 Favorite TV Characters (in no particular order, because I’m too lazy to think about it that much)

  1. Jeff Murdoch – Coupling, the British version – this show is stomach clenching funny, and he is one of the main reasons why. If anyone has ever watched the Giggle Loop episode, you’ll know what I’m talking about
  2. Dan Rydell – Sports Night – The apology is still the most powerful moment in fictional TV
  3. Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter – Dynasty – first bitch I ever saw on television
  4. Sgt. Phil Esterhaus – Hill Street Blues – “Let’s be careful out there.”
  5. Thomas Magnum – Magnum PI – how could you not like Magnum. He drove around in a borrowed car, lived in a mansion that wasn’t his, used his friends to help him do his work, and always got the girl. It was just his shorts that were really bad
  6. Coach – Cheers – The best character on one of the best shows ever made. One too many balls to the head. Perfect for a bunch of drunks.
  7. Princess Ardala – Buck Rogers – The commander of the Draconian forces lounges around in bikini tops. How great is that?
  8. David Addison – Moonlighting – The only funny thing Willis ever did. It’s like he used up all his funny doing the first three seasons.
  9. Maurice – Northern Exposure – He was the mayor from Northern Exposure. I always liked him better than the whiny doctor and the spiritually deep radio host
  10. Kaylee – Firefly – came late to enjoy this show – can’t really choose between the lovlies
  11. Anna Espinosa – Alias – We called Alias the Girl Fight Show during its first season. She is the reason why. Watching Gina Torres and Jennifer Garner beat the stuffing out of each other was enthralling television.
  12. Ari Gold – Entourage - cements Jeremy Piven in the Hall of Fame
  13. Oscar Madison – The Odd Couple - the ultimate slob. God bless him.
  14. Gob Bluth – Arrested Development - Everyone from that show deserves to be on this list, but I figured I’d just choose one
  15. Sgt. Schultz – Hogan’s Heros – “I know nothing. Nothing”
  16. Lt. Martin Castillo – Edward James Olmos – He almost spoke in monosyllabic sentences, but he still scared the crap out of you. I read that when they asked him to reprise his role for the movie, he sent the producers a tape of himself staring at the camera for 30 minutes.
  17. Radar O’Reilly – M*A*S*H – This poor, innocent, dorky kid is stuck in the middle of the Korean War, and he never really gets it.
  18. Ralph Malph – Happy Days – Fonzie was cool. Pottsy had his music. Richie was the na├»ve one. What was Malph? He was there for comedic relief only.
  19. George Costanza – Seinfeld – He was a lazy, good for nothing, dirtbag of a friend. And he worked for the Yankees.
  20. Alex P. Keaton – Family Ties – He is quite possibly the reason that high school is now a pressure cooker and stepping stone to a good college.
  21. James Spader – Boston Legal – Watching him makes you squirm.
  22. Dan Fielding – Night Court – Another scumball. Why are they so much fun to watch?
  23. Les Nesman – WKRP – He was the first good nerd on TV
  24. Pacey Witter – Dawson’s Creek – This show confirmed that I have a weakness for teeny-bopper dramas (Gilmore Girls, 90210, etc.). In the first season, Pacey fulfills every male teenager’s dream and sleeps with a hot teacher at his school and doesn’t get in trouble for it.
  25. Michael Knight – Knight Rider – I loved every minute of this show and all its cheesiness. Although at the time, it was just totally cool. I even sent away for a KITT kit.