Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Advice of the Ancients. Passed Down Through the Ages. Now I Give It To You.

School starts tomorrow. Sam’s eyes open wide and sparkle with anticipation whenever anyone has asked him about it for the last month. He is ready to make new friends. He is ready to start socializing. He is ready. But are we?

Leah is on the mommy-coaster ride. One minute she is talking to Sam about what he will do at his new school. The next, she’s holding back tears thinking about how everything from now on will be different.

I haven’t felt the huge range of emotions. I’m excited for him. He is going to be fantastic. And if he’s not, well, then that’s what military school is for.

This afternoon, however, my first truly fatherly piece of advice was dispensed.

Me: Sam, I just thought of something that you will have to do at school.

Sam: What, Daddy?

Me: Make sure you leave extra time to go to the bathroom. You have to ask now.

My work is done.