Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Sign From Above

We were visiting with my cousin Kay and her family last night. Kay and Paul have two children, Callum & Lana, who absolutely adore our boys. The sentiment is eagerly reciprocated. Callum is about to start middle school and Lana is a few years younger, but they play with Sam, Noah, and Aidan like they were all best friends. Callum has the coolest collection of Hess vehicles I’ve ever seen, so that doesn’t hurt either.

After we all (4 adults, 5 children) went out for pizza, we settled onto the couches in Kay & Paul’s living room while the kids played elsewhere. Our discussions ranged from local school systems, to HPV vaccines, to learning foreign languages, to pediatricians.

Me: Are you guys happy with your pediatrician?
Kay: Oh, yeah, she’s wonderful. They’re just around the corner, too, which is perfect.
Me: Who do you see?
Kay: Dr. Garvey

Kay and Paul sat there and stared at us as though we were crazy as Leah and I laughed out loud.