Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pillow Fights, Inc.

Sometimes in life, the opportunity knocks on your door, but you were too busy watching TV to answer the door.

A couple lifetimes ago, back in Boston, my girlfriend and my friend Ken’s girlfriend both joined an “all girls” gym. The fact that we married these women does not factor into this story, but is an interesting side note. We were hanging out at Ken and Marsha’s apartment one night, and the girls were raving about how great their gym was. Ken and I knew what gyms looked like thanks to Rocky movies.

But a gym for women only? This presented an entire Christmas dinner of mental images for us.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: So there are no men around at all?
Leah: Nope. Even the trainers are all women.
Ken: And you all just get sweaty?
Leah: (completely missing the point) We exercise and watch TV. Each station has a TV. It’s so great.
Marsha: (not missing the point) Ken, you’re such a pig.
Ken: Do you have pillow fights? Tell me about the pillow fights.
Marsha: Sure we have pillow fights. Then we shower together, put on our lingerie, and tickle each other.
Ken: Tell me again, slowly this time.

And yet, after all that heavy breathing, neither Ken nor I could see the opportunity lying within our conversation. After almost ten years, someone has started a Professional Pillow Fighting League. Of course, it started in Canada, but that's okay. The article on Yahoo is somewhat mocking, but I see pure genius within the structure of this venture. I’m calling Ken tonight. Maybe it’s not too late.