Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Results - Will Ferrell Wins!

Well, the final tabulations have been made. I’m sure that if I made a mistake somewhere, you will be kind enough to let me know in a gentle manner. I actually stayed up to watch the entire show last night. Why? Good question. Possibly, I was hoping for an encore performance by Will Ferrell and Jack Black. That. Was. Brilliant.

But enough of that. To the scores!

For the second year in a row, Esther can bask in the spotlight of glory. But she will not be alone! For a dark horse has emerged to claim a joint victory. And that horse is Aimee. If Esther hadn’t nailed the final categories, Aimee would have walked away with the whole shebang.

Aimee – 15
Esther – 15
Scott – 12
Mary Alice – 11
Barbara – 11
Jessi – 11
John – 10
Betty – 10
Gina – 10
Mike – 10
Amber – 9
Sarah – 9
Leah – 4

Interestingly, there was a category in which no one correctly guessed the winner. Actually, that happened last year with Crash winning best picture, but since that was just stupid, I’m not counting it. No one guessed the Orignial Song. Now, I could make all sorts of lesbian jokes here, but I’m taking the high road.

One last note. I married for looks. (sorry, sweetie, but 4?)