Monday, March 26, 2007

I Still Have Children, Right?

There has been a dearth of child related posts here on The Fourth Row of late. They’re still around. I still like them. I just don’t get time to write about them. Plus, Leah is posting all the photos on her blog, and I don’t want to steal any blimelight (new word!)

Blimelight – n. – blog lime light, i.e. The fame and attention your blog receives.

Do funny and amusing things still occur in our household? Yup.
Am I withholding them? Nope.
Am I forgetting them before I can write them down? Perchance.

We are settling into our new family routine here, and it’s taking some adjusting. I’m not around every minute of every day as I was when I worked in the attic. However, here are some of the things that I have been meaning to write about with regards to the rugrats.

1. Every time they want to hide something, the twins throw the object in question into one of the bathrooms, lock the door on the inside, and run away screaming with laughter. Our bathrooms must have some sort of toddler only access to alternate dimensions. What is it about not being able to open a door that makes it soooooo special? It’s not like they don’t know what’s behind it.
2. I absolutely despise Sam’s school, the parents (none of whom I’ve actually met), and the curriculum. One of the “activities” he is currently engaged in is writing numbers up to 1,000. While he enjoys it (he thinks of it as a race), I just can’t see the value in it. Is he going to remember 457 better than 738? No. Will he learn Newtonian Calculus from doing this? No. Here’s a number he can learn. A public school education means $680 per month extra for Mommy & Daddy’s wine habit.
3. Have you ever seen on of these? Remember jumping on them all around the house? Remember jumping on them while naked? Thought not. Come visit us. The handle bar makes for quite a picture frame. “Look at my penis, Daddy!”
4. Whatever room the cat is in is the wrong one, and the boys will proceed to roar at her until she runs away at Mach 2. If cats could have nervous breakdowns, Isabelle would be dropping Lithium like Lifesavers right now. We’re not cat people.
5. Noah is not enjoying standing up to pee. He much prefers to sit down. His brothers have noticed, and the first instance of sibling peer pressure occurred yesterday. “Come on Noah, pee standing up like a big boy. I do it. Aidan does it. You need to do it too.” Unfortunately, when Noah stands to pee, the urine left dripping on the bathroom walls resembles spatter from a sliced carotid artery. It’s like a light saber gone amuk.

That’ll do for now. The weather is improving, and outside adventures are looming. The next few months should provide enough material for me to retire on. More on that later.