Monday, September 10, 2007

Let's Do Chuck!

I love my wife. She’s cute. Especially when she leaves the door open for our children to entertain us. We went to the beach yesterday afternoon. Sam was unstoppable, jumping in the waves and digging holes in the sand. Aidan and Noah were somewhat less enthusiastic.

They moaned and cried when we took them in the water, so for the first 45 minutes we were there they just sat and sulked on our blanket. Then Aidan warmed up and started chasing and roaring at the seagulls. Noah came down to the water’s edge, but only to tell me had to pee.

They were in an infinitely better mood when the sandwiches came out, and we managed to get all three of them in the water for a grand total of five minutes. But it was the ride home that made my day.

Noah: Daddy, I like dis song.
Me: Me too, pal.
Noah: Rhyme . . . time! Daddy, I made a rhyme!
Me: Good job, Noah. What else rhymes?
Noah: Rhyme . . .dime!
Aidan: Dime . . . climb!
Sammy: Dime . . . Grime! [laughing]
Sammy: Grime . . . blabetty – ime! [I can’t remember the exact form of the gibberish]

At this point, the game degenerates into gobbledygook and possibly ancient eastern European tongues. There is much laughing and making up of silly words.

Leah: Wait, wait, let’s do another word rhyme. Ok, boys, what rhymes with corn?

All Three: Porn!!!!

It’s as if she actually wanted to hear them say it.