Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sam is not a Leg Man

Leah was sitting at our dining room table the other morning, enjoying a breakfast with the boys. I had left for work and was only privileged enough to hear this second hand.

Noah: [with no shirt on, index fingers touching his nipples] Mommy, what are these pointy things?

Leah: [trying not to laugh] Those are your nipples, sweetie.

Noah: Oh . . . do goilehs [read: girls] have them too?

Leah: Yes, boys and girls both have nipples.

Sam, listening intently, decided it was time to join in the conversation.

Sam: But boys have penises and girls don't.

Leah: That's right, Sammy. Only boys have penises and both boys and girls have nipples.

Sam: But Mommy, girl's nipples are bigger and ROUNDER.

As he said this, Sam cupped his hands up at his chest.

My son.