Monday, October 29, 2007

Little League of Justice

At Sarah's advice, I'm getting over it & moving on.

Life in Connecticut is good. There is more to say, but please know that the lack of proper posts over the last couple months does not indicate that I am going crazy with work, or sickness, or just plain going crazy. Having an active family means less time sitting at the computer.

We have bikes to ride, baseballs to hit, holes to dig, puzzles to solve, pictures to color, frisbees to throw, goals to score, swings to swing, slides to run up backwards, shoes to lose in the grass, balls to kick, hoses to spray, and sticks to transform into swords. And that’s just in our back yard.

Add to that hunting for sea shells and crabs, learning how apple cider is made, stopping by to say hi to the beluga whales, going to festivals, coming to see Daddy sing, hanging out with cousins, visitors from Buffalo, swim lessons and going to school, and you have a pretty full schedule.

Even Mommy & Daddy manage to get out by themselves once in a while. However, through it all, we have three little boys who are growing and learning every day, and it is a wonder to be a part of it.

I came home from work one day last week, and was greeted by the three amigos sprinting and screaming across the yard. They rushed up, yelled their hellos, and rushed back to the playhouse. Usually I am mobbed upon my return, so naturally I was curious to see what the distraction was. I walked back to the playhouse and checked in.

“Hey guys, what are you doing?”

“We are fighting super villains! AAAHHHHHHHHH!”

And off they went again. Now, when I was a kid, we had Superfriends and the League of Justice on Saturday mornings, which kept me well familiarized with superheroes and their enemies. These types of shows are long gone, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where they had learned the term super villain. I walked into the house and asked Leah about it.

“Oh, they saw it on a Backyardigans episode. But you should ask them who they are.”

So back outside I went. At this point, they were hurling buckets at an imaginary evil-doer.

“So if you guys are fighting super villains, are you superheroes?”


“Well who are you?”

“I am Yucky Man. Sam is Captain Hammer. Aidan is Weather Woman.”