Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Christmas Puzzle Winner and Loser

Although he didn’t win (he never will either). My friend Mike’s responses deserve a wide audience. My particular favorite is #11. Simply brilliant.

1. 0 CorkScrews in the North Beach Coaster (it’s more of a flume)
2. 92 Years Of Kindness for whom a Silly Porter is Observed by Nine Kentucky Chickens
3. 26 Dames of Denmark, that is the Fantasy of Stan
4. 39 ½ Foot Pounds that I wouldn’t Torque the Gear with
5. 33 Degrees Fahrenheit at which Fish Mate
6. 3 Hams in Sunday Lunch
7. 42 Sections of Boardwalk To Bicycle in Jamaica Bay
8. 2 Canoes in the Gulf of Lawrence, that Liquid River
9. 2 Arians who Kayak Topless in Lower Delaware Bay
10. 7 Herbs on the Mid-east Kabob
11. 364 Goat Molesters Take Levitra. Goats Tote Mace.
12. 25 Dials on an Antique Camera
13. 15 Shout-outs per Wiseman for Birth of Christ
14. 3 Soirees the Grand Hyatt Gave
15. 200 Superlatives in an Otherwise Retired Religions Caucasian Arbys Restaurant Manager’s Annual Review
16. 5 Cellists played by The Horns in the Philadelphia Ensemble
17. 25000 Cut Limes on Coast Guard Helicopters
18. 31 Hours that Scott has to Do Puzzles
19. 9 Cucumbers on a Menu
20. 7th Day of January that is Coveted in the Janitor’s Closet
21. 2 Times Scott Courted his Leah
22. 1.87 Minutes that Dumbo has for Cardio in the Gym of the Marriott

The Actual Winner of the Stoddard Christmas Puzzle this year is Sarah W. Way to go!