Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fresh Meat

Hey everyone, my best friend Brian has started a blog. Check it out. Feel free to harass him incessantly. He loves that sort of thing.

Brian and I lived together in college. I played horrible jokes on him. He called me the day before I started my first job pretending to be the HR Department and told me that I'd been transferred to Washington DC. Yeah, I still remember that one, pal.

Brian was the best man at my wedding. He made everyone cry. He made everyone laugh. He told everyone that Leah asked him to make sure I brushed my teeth.

I was the best man at Brian's wedding. I told everyone that the van he rented to take the wedding party wine tasting ran out of gas while he was driving it. I also told everyone about the time that he fell out of a moving pick up truck while heaving rotten vegetables at unsuspecting college students.

So welcome, my friend. Welcome to the world of flaming anonymous comments. Welcome to the world of overly picky grammar checkers. Welcome to the world of poorly phrased jokes and misunderstood double entendres.

And remember, you only fail if everyone else says you do in your comments section.