Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready? Okay! Goooooooooo God!

For all you Godless heathen out there, this past weekend was religiously significant. It was the Sunday before Easter, more commonly known as Palm Sunday. Leah just explained to me why they call it that. She learned it at church. This past Sunday.

The crown of thorns was accompanied by the scepter of the palm leaf. Who knew?

Every year, I grab a bunch of palm fronds and turn them into crosses by making ritualistic folds, nips, and tucks. It is an ancient practice, dating all the way back to my childhood.

This year each little boy wanted a palm, placing my ambitious cross fabrications on hold until next year. But oh, the happiness those palms brought. For the car ride home anyway. On the way, Aidan decided to vocalize his enjoyment.

"Daddy, I love my palm. I'm glad today is Palm Palm Day."