Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things I've Done This Summer That Have Made Me Happy

Hung out with Leah on Tuesday nights.
Played with my kids in the backyard
Played with my kids at the beach
Watched Sam learn how to boogey-board
Watched Aidan and Noah teach themselves how to read
Listened to stories about Pirate Camp
Went kayaking
Drove to Ogontz and saw lots of old friends
Went to see Wall-E
Went to see The Dark Knight
Drank good wine
Met my new niece
Skipped church
Played guitar
Went to a Yankee game
Went to Maine
Watched Sam ride his bike without training wheels
Watched Leah get a job that she loves
Started planning a very, very large fundraiser
Welcomed a good friend home safe from Iraq
Did lots of puzzles with my boys
Took the boys to the Mystic Art Festival
Went swimming in the ocean
Taught the boys a little geography by searching for license plates
Ate giant lobsters
Watched Sam have his first sweetheart
Saw some amazing fireworks in out neighbor’s back yard

And didn’t blog.

No apologies. It was a good break.