Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ooh Es Mas Macho?

I promise some coherent thoughts farther down. . .

1. So, I guess the answer to the question above would now default to Lorenzo Lamas. RIP, Mr. Roarke!

2. Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor are somewhere cowering in a corner of their retirement villas, screaming incessantly, and Alfred Hitchcock is looking down and smiling. . .

3. It is really, really, really cold.

So the boys have settled nicely into school. And I have lasted almost an entire week without getting fired. For the record, at my previous place of employment I was canned 4 times. Twice by my boss, but I never listened much to him anyway. You hear that, Bob? That's right! I'm 5oo miles away now, and I can write whatever I want to! I'm not afraid of you! Or your wife! I might be a little scared of your daughter, though. I digress. Apologies.

Despite our continued life craziness (we're not in our apartment yet - all of our stuff? Still in boxes.), I have to say that I still feel unbelievably lucky. I get to drive Sam to school now. He starts school just early enough that I can drop him off and drive around the block to my office. We take the same route each day, past the General Mills plant where they make Cheerios. By the way, if anyone reading this know ANYONE who works for General Mills, please see if they might be able to arrange for a tour of the Buffalo Cheerios plant. I . . . that is . . . we desperately want to see how they are made. We also see the Buffalo Fire Boat every day. It's cool.

Another very nice little perks of my present job is that I have a clicker. This is not a magic clicker, but it does allow me entry into the Heated. Underground. Parking Garage. My little VW diesel loves, loves, loves being warm all day. I don't even have to put my coat on when I leave work. It is quite wonderful. Oh, and did I mention that all of the people I work with sail? Yup.

I am also putting some good karma back into the world this week. I actually get to hire someone for my project down in Maryland. And hopefully, when I start my New Hampshire project, I will get to do the very same thing there as well. With so many people looking for work, and more layoffs every week, at least I can help a little bit.

If you consider yourself one of my friends and are upset that you haven't heard from me, first, you should know me well enough by now to know that I suck at keeping in touch. Second, fear not. I am trying to reach out to everyone I can think of to say hi and catch up on where life has taken us. I promise I'll get to all of you. As long as I have your contact info.