Friday, February 11, 2005

A is for Awful

A is for Awful, the way that I feel
B are the Babies, beginning to squeal
C is for Crying, the late-at-night kind
D is Derangement, I’m losing my mind
E is for Effort, to get out of bed
F is for F**k, what I say in my head
G is Going someplace far, far, away
H is for Honeymoon, maybe I should have been gay
I is for Infanticide, but the Bible forbids
J is for Jesus, he never had kids
K is for Kitchen, the floor’s really cold
L is for Lumpy, the formula’s old
M is the Microwave, oh damn, it’s too hot
N is for Nyquil, maybe I’ll just give them a shot
O is for Oh My God, their diapers are ripe
P is a Prayer that we have more than one wipe
Q is for Quiet, it’s long since been gone
R is the Remote, might as well turn it on
S is for Sucking their meals down on the couch
T are the Toy Trains I trip over. Ouch
U is Unsure that I’ve broken my knee
V is for Vacuum, the space where my brain used to be
W is Welcoming the pillow to my head
X is for eXhausted, I’m back in my bed
Y is for Yawning, Oh Please, for God’s sake
Z is Zero sleep for me. Sam’s awake.