Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lessons from the Super Bowl

We hosted a Super Bowl gathering Sunday night. I am the only person in Western New York who had a vested interest in the Patriots winning, as I continue to cling desperately to my New England roots. Our family gathered around the television, ate good food, and paid closer attention to the commercials than the game. We even made a last minute, $1 squares board. How cool are we?

Some things I learned watching the Super Bowl this year:

1. Monkeys are, indeed, funny.
2. I know more about a hurry-up offense than Donovan McNabb.
3. My son Sam has a new job.

Let’s focus on item #3 for a moment. Sam is two years old. His only job, that I was aware of, was listening to Mommy & Daddy. Oh, how wrong I was. He has found his true calling.

While sitting on Leah’s lap watching the game, he farted. She laughed and said, “Why do you always toot on my hand?”

“It’s my job, Mommy.”

My son is funnier than monkeys.