Monday, March 21, 2005


"What did you do this weekend?"

"Well, I was going to go to an Alumni Weekend back in Worcester, but instead I rewired my house."

"Oh, how’d that go for you?"

"Not to bad, actually. "

During the course of the construction of our Fortress of Solitude, I discovered last week that the wiring under our attic floor was old. Really old. So old that it’s never been replaced since the house was first built almost 100 years ago. And I was about to put carpet over the top of it.

So in accordance with Corey’s Construction Corollary to Murphy’s Law, a weekend that could have been spent insulating and installing drywall was instead used to tear up wood floors, tear out lots o’ wire, and after two loooooonnnnnnnggggg days of running new circuits up three floors from my basement, finally turning the lights back on in my house.

Lessons Learned:

1. My father still knows everything. He even knows where wires will fit in my house even
though he’s only been here twice.
2. It’s time to stop working if you have made yourself bleed more than twice.
3. Turn the power off before connecting new circuits. (Thanks, Paul)
4. Ibuprofen is my friend.
5. If you’re going to turn your power off, make sure you have flashlights that actually work.