Friday, March 18, 2005

Idiots at Work

I didn’t intend on writing anything political in my blog. However, today’s events have me sufficiently annoyed that I’m breaking my rule. In case anyone reading this hasn’t seen the news yet, here’s the article.

The House Committee on Government Reform seems to be the start of Big Brother. They have their collective noses in every aspect of our lives, and now deaths. The Committee is chaired by Congressman Tom Davis (R), Virginia. I emailed him today. Here is my message:

Congressman Davis,

I am curious to know what questions you intend on asking Terry Schiavo. More importantly, I’m curious to know what you expect for answers. In case you didn’t know, she’s brain dead. As apparently are you.

Go ahead, leave him a note yourself.

This is also the Committee that is asking Major League Baseball players if they used steroids eight years ago! Really, they are making such a difference in our lives. I have an idea. Why not save us some tax dollars and just outlaw steroids for the purposes of performance enhancement in amateur and professional sports? That pretty much nips it in the bud, without having to listen to Sammy Sosa butcher the English language.

Just so everyone in Buffalo knows, Brian Higgins is also a member of this Committee. Give him a call and let him know how he’s doing so far.