Thursday, March 03, 2005

Here Comes Baseball

It’s that time of year again. You know, when the flowers start popping up, the birds start singing again, and the steroid monsters all head south. It’s BASEBALL SEASON, baby! Spring training is underway, and none too soon if you ask me. Up here in the bitter North, I’m in desperate need of some sign of a winter thaw.

The fact that it is still snowing almost every day here in Buffalo has absolutely nothing to do with it. Or that the temperature hasn’t found it’s way above 30 in the past three months. I really love the winters. Last year, my car actually froze for an entire week. We had to have it towed to a garage and stored overnight to get the fuel lines thawed. Who wouldn’t love that?

I took Sammy to his first two baseball games last year. I know I had more fun that he did the first time. He was more interested in his hotdog. But at the second game, we sat in a luxury box behind home plate courtesy of my wonderful sister-in-law (you rock, E.). In the bottom of the first inning, we were sitting outside the box in the open air seats. The first batter comes up and fouls a ball right into our box. Sammy got his first foul ball! Ten minutes later, the Bison’s mascot came into the box, signed Sam’s ball, and played with him for half an inning. Sam still talks about Buster Bison today.

So, to the Buffalo Bisons I say good luck. I hope you win another championship this year. I’ll be rooting for you. And I hope that people start to appreciate the beauty of AAA Baseball – professionals without the salaries and egos. They are a joy to watch and worth every penny. Just ask Sammy.

And by the way, if anyone needs me, I’ll be pouring over stat books and player rankings. I plan on winning some fantasy leagues this year. You hear that, Freitas?