Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What's My Sign?

Now that I’m not bitter anymore . . . well, not as bitter as I was on Sunday night, I guess I should tell you about my weekend.

Good Things About This Past Weekend

- We had two home inspections. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.
- We had a babysitter on Sunday (yeah for Mary!)
- After a month of anticipation, I finally heard some good music.

But no. Somehow, the last one never materialized.

There is a sign that hangs in my house:

Never Question the Engineer’s Judgment

It’s quite nice, and very sound advice. You see, sometimes people forget: I’m right about everything. Yes, everything. Ask my Dad. He’s right about everything, too. It’s not genetic, but it might be something in the water at our house.

If I say that there is music at a certain bar on a certain night, then there will be music at a certain bar on a certain night. There is no need to check my math. There is no need to call said establishment and get incorrect information, thus derailing what was to be a fun-filled evening of music and alcohol.

So, to my entire family:


A great, big, fat, juicy, ripe, raspberry of “I was right and all of you were wrong”.

Who’s ready for a game of Trivial Pursuit?