Monday, May 16, 2005

Build A Bear

Sam’s third birthday was Wednesday last week. The twins’ first was on Tuesday. It’s bee a week of sugar. Lots of sugar. Five pounds of granulated sugar, according to Leah. Of course, that’s only the stuff she made:

3 fire engine cakes
1 #1 cake
Small cupcakes
Large cupcakes with mortar boards and licorice tassels on top for Mikey & Lisa

It doesn’t count all the candy and other goodies we munched.

So now we’re coming down off the sugar high and looking back into the caramel haze. Possibly the best moment of the entire week was Sam’s Build-A-Bear party. Sam and his friends Matt, Jack, and Ryan all stuffed hearts into their bears, and gave them life, a la Gene Wilder. Our B.A.B. host looked more like Marty Feldman than Teri Garr, but she was very good with the kids, which, I guess, is the more important thing.

At the end of the building part, the kids get to choose outfits for their bears. I tried very, very hard to get Sam to pick out the NY Yankees outfit. He would have none of it. Conceding the fight, I brought him over to the racks of other, less desirable choices. Out of the 30 or so different outfits, Sam chose the one that gave his mother fits.

Meet Merle, the Army bear, complete with camouflage combat fatigues, combat boots, beret, and dog/bear tags.

Matt, Sam, Jack, & Ryan Posted by Hello

That night, when Sam was getting ready for bed, Mommy decided that Merle should get ready for bed too. She undressed him. Merle has been naked for almost a week.