Thursday, May 12, 2005

Christopher V. - An Amusing Portrait

Apiphobia – n. an unnatural fear of bees

Christopher, you salty sailor, your wife told me an interesting story yesterday. I’m thinking that you could use some free advice:

When your wife tells you there’s a bee in the room and you hide under the bed covers, you might have a problem.

When you try to kill said bee with your wife’s pants, you definitely have a problem.

When you try to kill said bee while it’s on the other side of a window blind and you don’t quite know exactly where it is, you need to remember that The Force isn’t real and you’ve been watching too much Star Wars.

When your wife tells you to hit the showers and does the job for you, you become fodder for ridicule.

When your wife mentions the episode at a birthday party to someone with a blog, you become infamous.

Didn’t they teach you how to kill things in the Navy? Or is it really just like the Village People song?