Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gina is Stupid

I never thought I'd get to say that and get away with it!!

Here's Gina's Stupidest Thing:

Ok…so after a few weeks of pondering & trying to figure out ANY other stupid thing that I’ve done….here I am…granted my weekend was taken up by other, more important things (my twin nephews to be specific)…baring my soul & disclosing one of the (if not THE) stupidest thing I have ever done.

Let me preface this story by saying that this is the first, last & ONLY time that I have done this or anything like it… cut me some slack & know that this is not the norm for me what-so-ever…..damn beer & vodka. This is borderline THE most embarrassing thing I have ever done. So here is my tale (I can’t believe that I’m actually about to admit this story to my family & others that I don’t know):

Now there’s a little background that needs to be given on this story of seriously demented dumbassery on my part. I will begin with Michelle…..god love her she’s one of my best friends & while in CT my regular drinking buddy…but she’s also the BIGGEST instigator I know. Especially when it comes to seeking revenge in matters of the heart. That being said….at one point while I lived in CT, I “dated” (I use this term veeeery loosely) this guy named Brian. There was something about him that I was drawn to…I have NO IDEA what that was now, but at the time…it was there. So he & I went on this up & down roller coaster of a “relationship” … remember the “up & down” part.
So, we “date” (drink)….& then he stops calling……& then he calls again or we run into each other out….& we “date” (drink)….& he stops calling…& he calls or we run into each other out…..I think, you get the idea. This goes on for somewhere around a year…the last time is the last straw. I was giving him ONE MORE chance…he’s “really trying” & doing an alright job at it...& then he stops calling. So Michelle & I go out one night & as we ‘re driving back to her house, we happen by his house and decide that it’s a good idea to do a “drive-by”. Not that big of a deal….until we see lights on….now Michelle’s really getting me fired up – I’m falling right into the trap!! Though, she’s not totally to blame. I take some blame for this as well…most of the blame though falls on the evils of miller lite & possibly a little vodka.

Soooo….the next thing I know – I’m standing in the back yard of his apartment complex, staring at his back window, with Michelle goading me to knock on the door or do something, in the pouring rain, as she begins to walk up to the back porch……doesn’t he WALK OUT THE BACK DOOR b/c he heard us. I’m not sure what happened next but it involved him asking us what we were doing & Michelle very gleefully saying hi to him & me hanging my head in shame & walking away. It was so horrible that… I already said, this is not something that I have ever or ever plan on making a habit……but it was so horrible that I won’t ever even do a drive-by again.

So there it is….laugh, call me crazy & stalker gina, say “I wouldn’t have thought she had that in her” …. It’s all true……& for what, for who??? The guy who wouldn’t call….or would & then wouldn’t…the guy who “couldn’t” eat anywhere but this tavern in Wallingford, CT because of his “delicate” stomach…did I ever see the man eat? Sure, ONCE, in a year…did we have a meal together. Now come to find out – there is a very distinct possibility that he might be bipolar…no lie