Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vacation - Day 3

Misquamicut Beach - Day 3 Posted by Hello

Sunday - Day 3: Wake up, eat breakfast – coffee cake – mmmmmm, play Frisbee, go to Dad’s house, take Rocky for walk at the shore, go to Dairy Queen – mmmmmmm, play in tent with Sammy, eat lunch with Dad, attempt to hit another bucket of balls, play guitar, nap, go to Chris & Audra’s for a Father's Day cookout – steak, potato salad, ice cream – mmmmmmm, watch Granny play with the twins on the little slide, watch Sammy drive a toy tractor around for three hours, marvel at the power of tractor’s batteries, go back to beach house, play guitar and sing songs with Sammy, Leah’ s Mom and Gina back from law breaking trip to Martha’s Vineyard, read book, go to sleep