Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vacation - Day 5

Lounging at Lunchtime Posted by Hello

Tuesday – Day 5: wake up at some ungodly hour, love Noah who was crying his eyes out, try to go back to sleep, mumble bye to Ginny & Gina off to Buffalo, mumble have fun to Leah & kids off to beach, wake up around 10:30, eat breakfast, meet family at beach, take twins down to the water, listen to the screams as the water touches their little feet, build many sandcastles, watch Sam destroy many sandcastles, walk down the beach with Sam, meet Auntie Audra & cousin Alex at the next beach over, realize that we were supposed to meet them earlier but went to different beaches, go in the water with Sam - brrrrrrrrrrrr, kids eat lunch at beach, babies throw food into sand in protest of being stuck in stroller, all children stay awake with no naps in protest of something, check work email – nothing, smile broadly, leave comment on Royal Toybox, pick up toy police car and Rocky at Dad’s house, get dinner stuff at grocery store, drop off Rocky and car at beach house, go to HellMart, buy mini-grille and other stuff we forgot/need, spend 15 minutes waiting in check out line 4 people long, Pop Stoddard & family over for dinner – steamers, steak, green beans - mmmmmmmmm, Sam and Megan play Frisbee, Sam and Megan play with car, Sam and Megan play with rope, Sam and Megan get ice cream from ice cream truck, Sam confesses undying love for yet another woman, bring Rocky back to Dad’s, get Dairy Queen for me and Leah – mmmmmmmmm, read book, go to sleep