Thursday, June 23, 2005

Vacation - Day 6

The Beach Boys Posted by Hello

Wednesday – Day 6: wake up, play with twins, play with Sam, eat breakfast, play with Sam, Leah & kids off to beach, go to Home Depot, buy drywall & taping compound, go to Dad’s house, finish plywood underlayment in upstairs bathroom, drywall bathroom, tape bathroom joints, clean up, Leah & kids almost get to beach – Sam falls on sidewalk and skins knee, Leah puts Sam in stroller and carries Noah back to beach house for first aid treatment, first aid treatment complete – two Cat in the Hat Band-Aids, drive back to beach house from Dad’s, first rain of vacation, beat Leah’s butt in Scrabble, drive to Kay & Paul’s house for dinner – beer, burgers, chicken skewers, salad, cake & ice cream – mmmmmmm, play with Callum’s present – foot powered nerf rockets, get rocket stuck in tree, spend 15 minutes throwing basketball into tree, spend 15 minutes throwing log into tree, finally get rocket down in time for dinner, Sam gets a Hess truck for “birthday” present, Sam cannot speak due to utter happiness, play with truck, go back to beach house, go to sleep