Friday, October 21, 2005

Daddy's Home!

I'm back in Bflo! Yeeeahhh.

My entire family is sick. Boooooo.

Some notes from my trip:

- Need to remember to bring home bagels next time I go
- Despite Leah's frantic, nightmarish fantasies, the City of Buffalo did not foreclose on our house
- The Hyundai Sonata is a really nice driving car, but the cup holders suck
- We haven't seen our friends back East in a while and we miss them
- Washington Square Tavern in Brookline still has the best food in the known universe
- Watching Poker is still strangely entralling - even in hotel rooms
- I did not drop a single call - Verizon rocks
- Boston traffic still sucks the big one
- Traveling without a debit card is not advisable - charging a $2 coffee at Dunkin Donuts generates many dirty looks
- I built some really cool buildings
- The Thruway really is pretty at this time of year
- I am afraid to make coffee in my hotel room