Monday, October 17, 2005

College Bars

I'm on a business trip in Boston right now. Luckily, the hotel has free HSI in the room, so I can "work". One unbelievably great aspect of this trip is the fact that I get to see all our friends who still live in and around the city. Leah is painfully aware of this, and it was all I could do to stop her from ditching our children and jumping in the car with me yesterday.

I had drinks with our friends Jesse, Michelle, and Antonio last night. We figured out that it had been over 6 years since we had all sat down for drinks with each other. We ended up meeting at a bar that we frequented much too often. It's not an overly nice place. It's a little too close to Boston College to maintain a status other than "college bar".

We reminisced about the day of the big blizzard (big by Bostonian standards, not Buffalonian) when we walked down to the bar and drank our faces off while we watched the poor SOB's who were trying to drive to work slip and slide all over the roads.

This time, the music was too loud. Jesse actually asked the bartender if he could turn it down. I realized that six years ago, we wouldn't have cared at all, because we would have been half-sauced anyway.

There is alot to be said of those bars/pubs we all frequented back when we were just starting out. But then I went into the bathroom and was reminded of why I don't go to "college bars" anymore. I make wayyyyyyy too much money to find myself standing in other people's piss.