Friday, October 14, 2005

Interesting Conversations

Mikey, you inspired me. Tonight, after our conversation about everything in Founding Fathers, I went home (with you) and though about the blog spam portion of our talk. In the vein of my fierce competitive nature, I was compelled to one up you, and contact one of those blog spammers.

So . . .

On October 3, I received a comment on my post that read like this:

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous said...
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The hyperlink goes to a site called It’s not what you’d call a visually rich website. However, it does have the phone numbers for the two guys that run the business. So what did I do? Damn right, I rang the MF up.

Denis (yes, with one N) and I spoke for almost 10 minutes, and he enlightened me a little. Apparently, there are companies out there marketing programs designed specifically to target blogs and post commercial comments on them.

Denis explained that he responded to one of the many spam emails he received in an effort to increase the Google rating for his company website. He purchased the program, and wrote his little note you see above. However, he only wrote the last five sentences. The rest of it is randomly generated bullshit.

Denis went on to tell me that until a few weeks ago, he didn’t know what a blog was. He was a self-termed “computer idiot”. He said that every 3-4 minutes, the program would post another comment on a blog. The down side was the program was slow – only 1 blog every 4 minutes, and also that some of the blogs weren’t in English, so there was no hope of the user ever responding.

Denis said he has been to hundreds of blogs to see what they are about, likes them a lot, feels badly about what the program is doing, and he has even created a couple for his business. I applaud his entrepreneurial efforts. Denis has also since stopped using the program, or at least that’s what he told me. He is one less person that I shall have to hunt down and kill.

By the way, if anyone else would like to talk to him, here’s his information.

Denis Perron
2253 South, 1400 East
Gooding, ID 83330